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What does my work say about mobile art? (Video)

Watch a wicked, amazing and crazy video!!!

I was asked by Joanne Carter from to make a trueview video and answer the question: What does your work say about mobile art.

Well; with the help of my fellow photographers from Aqua Libra Photographic Art we made an very awesome video… wicked, haunting and different.

Some comments:

*I hear a voice with many echoes of layered experiences and threads of many stories running through it.   It sounds like a voice that started vibrating when the world had not yet been formed as it is today, like the elders in “THE LORD OF THE RINGS”

*This video is simply fantastic! I love it so much- a whisper of Bergman, a kiss of Fellini and all Schrijver!

My answer: ( but you HAVE to watch the video)

I am preparing for a journey, not ready to land. I am cruising with the current of my creativity. There are always higher plateaus that can be obtained and I have not fully peaked out yet. I have unfinished business here.
If we would focus on what we have in common, instead of what we have a lot of things would be different. Like air, we all breath it.
I am here, nothing but a spec of dust wandering through my galaxy of thoughts  & idea’s  creating my art.  Trying to connect, not fit in.

The Appwhisperer – Mariette Schrijver (HD) from Aqua Libra on Vimeo.

Marvelous photography exhibition in St.AegtenKapel

At Thursday evening 27 of august a marvelous exhibition of Draumlist photographers starts in the St. Aegtenkapel at Amersfoort. During the time of a month  ( 27/8 – 30/9) 9 photographers/Iphoneographers show there awesome artwork.  Also during that exhibition some extra activities are happen.

Exhibition open: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 till 17.00 hour and extra on activity days.

Saturday  29 august: Brooke Shaden workshop

Thursday 3 September: photograph café with Dracorubio

Thursday 11 september: Concert Guflux ( starts 20.30 hour)

Saturday 19 september: Night of literature

Thursday 24 september: Concert Jacco Haker ( starts 20.30 hour)

Draumlist photographers:

Aqua libra

Nico Brons


Colors of the jungle

Clinton Lofthouse

Mariëtte Schrijver

Matthijs Smilde

Yvette Leur



Flyer AegtenKapel-3_Page_2  Flyer AegtenKapel